Recode Studios Fails to Impress Sharks on Shark Tank India



About Recode Studios

Recode is a makeup brand that focuses on providing affordable makeup products of international quality. They sell their products through local shops, an online marketplace, and through self-grooming classes. The founders mentioned that they started the company in 2018 and that they are not directly competing with other major makeup brands.

Recode acquire customers through an omnichannel approach. They sell their products through local shops, an online marketplace, and via self-grooming classes they conduct for girls in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

Their self-grooming classes serve as a way to not only teach customers about makeup techniques, but also to introduce them to the Recode brand and potentially convert them into customers. 

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About the Founders of Recode Studio

Rahul Sachdeva and Dheeraj Bansal are the founders of Recode Studios.

Rahul previously worked with a makeup brand called Make Over and had experience in the industry, while Dheeraj knew his brother-in-law. Dheeraj had a background in selling bicycle parts and casually discussed the idea of starting a business together.

The two men decided to start Recode in 2018, apparently within two hours of discussing the idea. 

Reasons That Worked Against Recode Founders

  • Aman Gupta commented on the packaging
  • The founders felt too rushed and unprepared
  • The sharks didn't understand their business model truly

Sales Figures of Recode Studios

Recode's sales for the year 2021 were around 15 crore, and their sales for the year 2022 were around 11.5 crore.


Key Learnings from Recode's Pitch at Shark Tank India

  • Clearly articulate the problem your brand is solving and how your products or services address it.
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors by highlighting unique features or benefits of your products or services.
  • Understand the market and competition, and position your brand in a way that allows it to stand out.
  • Develop a strong marketing strategy to reach and engage your target customers.
  • Foster relationships with customers and partners through excellent customer service and collaboration.
  • Be open to feedback and willing to adapt and iterate in order to improve your products or services.
  • Invest in building a strong, competent team with diverse skills and experiences.
  • Plan for long-term growth and sustainability, and continuously seek out new opportunities for expansion and revenue generation.